The Dream

The start of a great adventure

The protagonists at Tr3smano all come from long-standing careers in the wine world and each one adds his experience and passion to make Tr3smano a great wine.

The Ruiz family has managed to turn La Europea into a leader in wine imports and distribution in Mexico. Its vast knowledge of the international quality wine market is at the service of this project.

In 1990, Antonino Sierra González joined forces with Jose Ramón Ruiz and La Europea in various wine-related projects in Mexico.

His enthusiasm and passion led him to found the Association of Winegrowers of Querétaro and he became the association’s first president in 2009. He also founded the Wine Brotherhood of Querétaro in 2009 and the Craft Wine School in 2011.

He planted his first vineyard in Querétaro in 2007, today home to the Puerta del Lobo project.


Fernando Remírez de Ganuza is presently one of the most important wine producers in Spain. His philosophy is tantamount to innovation and meticulousness. For him, the exceptional quality of a wine is achieved only through a strict selection of the grapes and attention to detail.

He obtained international recognition with the first Spanish wine to be given 92 Parker points (Remírez de Ganuza, Reserva 1994) and, 10 years later, he obtained a score of 100 Parker points with his Reserva 2004. As the owner of a number of highly appraised estates in Ribera del Duero, José Ramón Ruiz joined the project to make Tr3smano his dream too.


Pedro Aibar is another personality from the wine world in Spain. He started up the Somontano Designation of Origin when working with Viñas del Vero. He founded one of the first boutique wineries in Spain: Bodega Blecua. Between 2010 and 2016, he ran the famous El Coto winery of La Rioja and also runs his own family winery, Pagos del Moncayo, in the Campo de Borja Designation of Origin.

Pedro also joined the dream of Tr3smano to add his experience to that of La Europea and Fernando.