The Dream

The start of a great adventure.


The essence of our origin

After decades working in the wine sector in different parts of the world, a dream brought together all the protagonists of this wine: finding old vineyards in Spain that were ideal for making a great red wine.

Building a winery capable of combining new, modern oenology techniques with the greatest respect for tradition.

Making a wine that is capable of becoming a work of art. Ephemeral after each bottle. Lasting in the history of wines in Spain.

The dream slowly came true in the conversations which, accompanied with a good glass of wine, the protagonists of this beautiful project shared with each other.

A good wine unites. Even friends on different sides of an ocean.

Socios Tr3smano.


Origin, authenticity,
dedication and avant-garde

Gumersindo Ruiz Noriega began to write this story in 1953, when he decided to leave Colombres to settle in Mexico City. There he founded La Europea. He was a pioneer in the marketing of Spanish wines in Mexico and was responsible for instilling in his whole family the love and passion for good wines. His son José Ramón has been able to continue Gumersindo’s work. And he has been responsible for bringing this group of friends together. In Tr3smano there really are twelve pairs of hands.

D. Gumersindo, Honorary President of Tr3smano, left us in 2021, but his olive tree continues to remind us of him every day.

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