The Wine

We honour our origin by dedicating time and heart to create unique experiences.


A very balanced wine from ribera delDuero. With the freshness of the fruit and a light touch of barrel ageing.

From vineyards planted by Fernando Remírez de Ganuza, in high density and supported glass system.

Made 100% with Tinta del País, and the experience of the creation process of Tr3smano.



The start of a great adventure

The result of the coming-together of the three subzones from which we obtain our grapes after carefully selecting the vineyards and fruit.

We do not harvest 100% of each vineyard every year. There are times when part of the harvest has to be rejected to benefit the final quality of the wine.

The ageing in Bordeaux barrels means 18 months in oak.

Year after year, a balanced proportion is maintained between first- and second-year barrels and between Quercus alba (known as American oak) and Quercus robur (French oak).



Only under special circumstances can an olive tree live for more than 1000 years. Surviving wars, cataclysms and crises. Only under special circumstances are we able to make this wine, which is fruit of a selection of the selection.

In exceptional years, we make separate wines from the grapes from some of our vines.

Their wine is aged in a special series of barrels, tasted on a monthly basis by Fernando and Pedro. In the end, only some of the barrels keep the quality that is necessary for them to be assembled together and the wine bottled.

On average, the wine ages in the barrels for more than 24 months. We cannot guarantee the number of bottles of each year or the harvest when the wine will finally be marketed.

However, we can guarantee that each bottle is a major work of art that deserves to be enjoyed.



How we make our wines

The wealth of experience accumulated by Fernando Remírez de Ganuza and Pedro Aibar has led them to understand the key factors to achieving a special wine:

Technology is a great tool and needs to be understood to make a great wine. However, it is not the only thing that makes a wine great.

Our know-how is not based on following set rules for using technology in the winemaking or ageing processes, but rather on knowing how to interpret its use and adapt to the quality of each vintage according to the potential of the grape.

The correct use of oak barrels to complete the fermentation and maturing of the wines is another complicated part of the process.

Our barrels are 75% French oak, made by a variety of master coopers, and 25% American oak. They are new or up to two years old. The ageing time in the barrels always depends on the wine and, once again, not on a formula. The personality of Tr3smano is more important than that of a cooper or a type of roast.

Once again, great wood is a tool for making a great wine, but it is not the only tool.

The decisive step consists of having the intuition and good decision for emptying the barrels and bottling the wine at just the right time: when the fruit, time and wood have reached that balance that will hopefully fuse together to make a great wine in the bottle. And that moment is achieved thanks to the almost 70 harvests Fernando and Pedro have completed at their respective wineries in their respective regions.